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TATIANA SHEVERDA, RUSSIA/AUSTRALIA: “3D Marvels”Nuno-felted jacket/coat and accessories with“shibori”manipulated surfaces

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TATIANA SHEVERDA: “3D Marvels” Nuno-felted jacket/coat and accessories with “shibori” manipulated surfaces

Tatiana Sheverda aka SheverDUSHKA is a Russian born fashion/textile designer living in Australia, well known for her use of nuno-felt in combination with various “shibori” techniques. Her creations were featured as finalists of the Australia Wool Fashion Award show 2011 and published in respected felt/craft magazine FilzFun (Germany).

She has done series of master classes in Europe and Russia and her latest collection “Transcendence” was shown during downtown fashion week in Amsterdam in 2012 along with other renown felt designers.

SheverDUSHKA’s collections are about high-fashion approach to felt making and “shibori” applications.

“3D Marvels” Nuno-felted jacket/coat and accessories with “shibori” manipulated surfaces

This workshop is suitable for felt-making fans of any level of experience with at least basic knowledge of felt-making. Participants will be making nuno-felted jacket made of combination of the merino jersey and merino fleece with shibori manipulated elements/parts. “Shibori” is a Japanese method of 3D surface manipulation mostly known for its dyeing applications (“tie-dye”).

The images demonstrates one of the outcomes, but is not limited to particular design. Instead of “shibored” sleeves participants are welcome to choose different parts and elements of the garment for “shibori” to be applied, such as hood, collar or even bodice of the jacket.

Apart learning “shibori” and its applications participants will also receive patternmaking and construction classes. Proposed jacket isn’t seamless piece and will be a great way of learning how to pattern and construct garment out of rectangular piece of material.

Thus, this master class by SheverDUSHKA isn’t just about nuno-felt and “shibori” but is combined with fashion design, patternmaking and construction for a full creative fashion experience!

Besides main garment, students will also learn various shibori applications and effects by making smaller nuno-felted pieces and turning them into edgy fashion accessories, such as necklaces, collars, bungles, scarves, etc.