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SUE FERRARI, AUSTRALIA: Notions of darning and mending in contemporary stitch

Sue Ferrari is an award winning artist from South West Victoria, whose work examines inherited textile traditions, translating contemporary content through traditional methods. Sue holds a Diploma of Studio Textiles and Design and an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art. Regularly showing in group and solo exhibitions and undertaking work on collaborative installations, her work is held in private collections both here and overseas. Sue currently teaches at the Centre for Creative Arts at South West Tafe in Warrnambool across many areas of the Visual Arts program and takes specialised workshops on a regular basis.

Notions of darning and mending in contemporary stitch

In today’s culture the simple art of darning and mending has been all but forgotten, however these simple traditional techniques lend themselves to all kinds of applications in contemporary hand stitched art.

In this workshop you will explore the beautiful restorative practices of times past while incorporating ways to add layers of meaning through the use of colour, pattern and texture, exploring ways of working that challenge preconceived notions of darning and mending.

Taking an experimental approach, we will begin with a series of stitched samples focusing on traditional hand stitched darning and mending techniques while exploring the deconstruction, reconstruction and reuse of materials. You will then be guided on a personal project learning how to translate these techniques into compelling contemporary hand stitched works reflecting your own creative expression.

This workshop offers possibilities for all levels of creative practice, alongside supportive mentoring and shared inspiration. Activities are designed to encourage participants to be experimental in their approach, developing the confidence to take risks with their ideas and nurture their own artistic voice with a strong focus on personal expression and creativity.