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Creative Journeys with Ephemeral Art

Dream it up…. and be prepared to be wonderfully surprised, challenged and possibly deeply moved.

Imagine 5 days of playful art explorations working outdoors in a process of discovery. With Nature as our primary catalyst and touchstone, this workshop offers a completely unique conversation between you and the incredible variety of natural environments and materials so often overlooked in our busy lives. By providing the time, space and inspirations for you to be creative and using only materials and elements found on site during your stay, you shall become more attuned, ‘seeing’ the world around you with new eyes.

Shona’s usual 1- day workshop (Collaborations with Nature) will be offered as an extended, deeper, branching and broadening of the techniques and processes ordinarily just ‘nibbled upon’, becoming a creative feast.

Shona provides a scaffolding of ideas and exercises in a safe, nurturing environment to access points of connection anywhere to springboard your creativity from. This is a transferable and transportable experience. There will be space and facility to allow and nourish your unique creative connections to evolve and diverge.

OPEN TO ALL levels the only tools you need are curiosity, imagination and camera / notepad for documentation – this is incredibly liberating!

“The repetitive use of Nature's detritus has brought me closer to understanding myself and the world we share. The materials themselves are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history, imagination and spirit.”

Shona guarantees this immersive workshop will provide you with a new or re-fashioned set of keys to further explore your co-creation with the world around and within you.

I have been dreaming of offering this extended opportunity for a while now – so I am thrilled to realise it with these 5 days. We can dive in with the whole body, not just dipping our toes.”

This is serious fun!

Special considerations:

Wet weather / ‘unuseable’ weather – will be determined by the tutor Shona Wilson and by group consensus.

There will be structured and unstructured time and elements.

There could be a night-time element to making works – be prepared for this if you are interested!

This course has capacity for individual and group collaborations.

There are no fixed outcomes apart from documenting the process and experience of making and exploring responsive driven, nature sensitive artworks.

All ephemeral works will be left on site and recorded visually or ‘otherwise’ by participants.