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MICHELE EASTWOOD, Australia: Silhouette Memories

Michele has been working with textiles since completing her Fine Arts Degree at Curtin Uni in WA in the 1990's. She has worked in both 3D and 2D textiles, lately creating pieces that relate to quilting, history and family stories. Michele has been involved in community arts and numerous exhibitions through out Australia. Her latest work was with the Army Museum of WA, creating works that related to the soldiers of WWI, now touring with the WA Museum through country WA.

Title and Brief description of Workshop.

Transform old clothes, linens, blankets, vintage cloths and vintage embroidery into a heirloom art piece  to be treasured. Using your own treasured photographs we will create a silhouette, that will be the basis of your new art work. Using easy tracing, stencilling and basic embroidery skills we will create a piece of art, that tells your unique story.

The silhouette will be the basis of the piece. We will create the image using stencilling with  hand embroidery to further add to your story. Fabrics that relate to the piece will be used as the background. These fabrics can come from clothes that were owned by the person in the photograph or family linens or blankets or 'found' fabrics or new fabrics. These fabrics will create part of a the story we will be telling with the created images.