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LORNA CRANE, AUSTRALIA: Handmade Brushes and Mark Making Workshop

From the far south coast of NSW, Lorna lives in the idyllic rural coastal village of Pambula. For over twelve months now she has been making handmade brushes in a variety of mediums in all shapes and sizes. It was her intent to push mark making further by creating a more personalised approach by discovering a deeper understanding of her visual lexicon.

'By using the handmade brushes it was like unlocking a secret, with the reveal of the first marks that each brush could make. Some marks were delicate, others calligraphic or formed repeat patterns while others made unique bold lines and strong shapes.  It became obvious to me through this form of exploration that artists have this inherent and instinctual desire to create their own unique visual language through a variety of mediums - the act of making their marks and to map new territory.'

Handmade Brushes and Mark Making Workshop

Each fibre artist will make a series of unique handmade brushes that connects to the environment with a utilitarian approach and the desire to discover and learn in this relaxed group setting.

My workshops are a process that takes each individual on a journey. Aimed at all levels, each participant will begin this workshop by making rudimentary hand made brushes and discovering a synergy from deeper within. From gathering native plant  fibres, found materials and feathers then binding with cotton and yarn onto handles that include pre-loved brush handles, twigs, driftwood and bamboo, it will become apparent that each brush will hold its own story. An experimentation in its many forms will emerge - from the first marks of each brush to working in 2D on paper or cloth, making artist books and exploring the making of beautiful and useful objects.