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Kiranada Sterling Benjamin, USA: Ro-zome: Japanese Batik

Dh. Kiranada (Sterling Benjamin) Ro-zome: Japanese Batik     

Dh. Kiranada (Sterling Benjamin) is an acknowledged master of the Japanese rozome wax-resist technique with over forty years of experience in resist-dyed textiles. She coordinated the successful World Batik Conference-Boston 2005. Author of The World of Rozome: Wax Resist Textiles of Japan, she has exhibited her work in more than fifty shows word wide lectures and leads workshops in the USA and abroad with solo exhibitions in Costa Rica, Germany, England, Japan, the USA and Indonesia. Kiranada teaches Surface Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. An ordained Buddhist, she recently completed a Year Solitary Retreat in New Zealand.                                                    

Ro-zome: Japanese Batik

The skills and techniques of Ro-zome will help you transform simple batik into extraordinary fiber art. In this five-day workshop we will experiment with a number of traditional wax and dye application techniques unique to Japan such as brushing, rolling, sprinkling, stamping and stenciling and continue into more intermediate level work, learning the extraordinary han-bosen half-resist and sekidashi barrier resist techniques.   The course will cover a number of dye application techniques such as bokashi the controlled dye shading that produces such luminous results on silk. We will work with natural waxes (soy and beeswax) on silk using the acid dyes of the Japanese kimono industry for best results however, all techniques translate easily to cotton and fiber-reactive dye use also. Demonstrations of all processes, historical background, samples from the instructor’s extensive collection, slides of contemporary work being produced in Japan and abroad will be included.