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Fibre Arts @ Woodlawn, Northern NSW 12 - 15 July 2017(inclusive)

Fibre Arts Australia is excited to announce that we are conducting 4 - 5 day workshops at Woodlawn College, just a few minutes outside of Lismore in the beautiful North Coast area of NSW.

This is the first of many and we are hoping that our many Queensland and Northern NSW students will find it easier to get to a Fibre Arts event by having it closer to your area.

With International and Australian tutors teaching over a period of 4 - 5 days and the first event being held as a Winter School in July, it starts the momentum rolling.

There is accommodation available but only in a dormitory style situation. This does make for very close living...the area is very clean and comfortable, with a large share bathroom facilities.

There will be a few screens available for those that need a little more privacy, but if you can not share in this type of accommodation, we can supply a list of accommodation for you in Lismore. Link is on the right.

The workshop area is great with all modern amenities. The dining room has a commercial kitchen with a chef that will provide us with an excellent range of meals, including all different dietary preferences.

Sure hope you can attend!

Tutors are...

DEIDRE ADAMS, USA: Intuitive Design in Abstract Composition   

SETH APTER, USA: A Library of Memories 

LORNA CRANE, AUSTRALIA: Handmade Brushes and Mark Making


 LIZ POWELL, AUSTRALIA: Joomchi - Paper Felting