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Eszter Bornemisza, Hungary: Captured in Nets

Eszter Bornemisza is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary. She creates wall-hangings, installations and objects from the ubiquitous material of waste newspaper and cloth. The choice of material plays a central role in her work as it provides further visual experiences by their ephemeral character. Originally a mathematician, she started working with textiles in the late '90-ties with exploring her own ways in surface design and quilting. She has extensively exhibited internationally and won several prizes.

Her teaching experience goes back for mor than 15 years, she has held classes and workshops all over in European countries.

Captured in Nets

Airy, transparent fibre works or new kind of quilt surfaces will be introduced during this workshop. Samples of many variations of netted designs with recycled materials, paper and sheers will be shown, discussed and exercised. Experience in using sewing machine for straight and free motion stitches is needed. Suggestions and ideas for 3D works and small jewellery pieces will be given as well. Participants will make small samples of each technique using water soluble paper and/or film as a stabiliser.