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DIONNE SWIFT, UK: Drawing and Mark Making: Paper and Cloth

I search for landscapes with an additional sense of emotion - there’s a heightened sense of ‘seeing’ that excites me.

The motion, direction, texture and strength of my drawings informs and directs my stitches. I usually use a sewing machine for free machine embroidery : sewing at 1600 stitches per minute, sewing to me is like going to the gym - I want it to be physically hard work, I don’t want to consider embroidery as a relaxing activity : I want to be very physically involved and engaged in every moment.

Drawing an observations from the landscape and the energy/emotion of that landscape completely underpin my creative - if I did nothing else I would have to draw as a way to express myself.

Dionne Swift is a graduate of Goldsmith’s College, London University, she has a Masters in Textiles from UCE, Birmingham and has over 28 years of creative practice experience. Now based in Yorkshire, UK and Abruzzo, Italy, she exhibits and tutors internationally.

‘Dionne Swift’s engaging and innovative work commands huge respect from her peers as well as from other professionals and the public.Her great skill and extensive knowledge of her materials, techniques and processes are leading to exciting synergies.  She not only breaks boundaries but admits to ignoring them, the results showing an uncompromising integrity.’  Melissa Warren: Textile Artist

“Dionne has a grasp of the abstract and the perception to transpose to the particular in  machine embroidered poetic landscapes” Diana Springall

Drawing and Mark Making: Paper and Cloth

Drawing is the backbone of my practice.  It underpins all of my textile experimentations and provides me with a unique basis for which to explore my surroundings.

I know drawing can be a dirty word to some, but I make accessible, understandable, enjoyable and totally achievable.  Towards the end of the week you will start to translate your notions into cloth and stitch [hand stitch in this instance], but as with all of my workshops there won’t be a completed piece….you will have a collection of marks/drawings and potential to continue with exciting body of work.  My aim is to create independent, self supporting students by illustrating new methods to instigate concept, direction and fresh ideas.

The week focuses on drawing and mark making: observing and responding, being bold and taking a risk. I couldn’t create any of my stitched pieces without drawing a composition first: this workshop is the backbone of all of the rest of the creative processes & should be your first port of call….come and take a leap of faith!