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CATRIONA POLLARD, AUSTRALIA: Weaving creativity – basketry weaving in sculptural form


CATRIONA POLLARD, AUSTRALIA: Weaving creativity – basketry weaving in sculptural form

Catriona Pollard’s unique sculptural work offers glimpses of shapeshifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into stunning works that celebrate the abundance of nature. She predominately uses foraged and discarded plant material with traditional basketry and assemblage techniques to reimagine nature. Her work is emotionally authentic, uniquely contemporary, and visually stunning.

Her work highlights the link between raw foraged organic materials, like vines and seed pods, with earthy materials like base metals including copper, and natural elements like charcoal, clay and ash. Most contains nothing but the organic material – no glue or synthetic dyes, and most don’t even use anything to bind it together, such as thread or wire.

The forms she weaves tell stories relating to friends, family and experiences. They are about truly seeing the extraordinary in everyday moments. Simply, it’s about being still, and letting the beauty surface. Catriona has several solo exhibitions and exhibited extensively in selected and group exhibitions. She has been shortlisted as many art awards including Emerging Artist of the Year Craft NSW, Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize, Northern Beaches Art Prize, North Sydney Art Prize, Warringah Art Prize, and Mosman Art Gallery.

Her work is profiled across major art and design media and is featured nationally in galleries, high end design spaces and private collections.

Instagram: CatrionaPollard

Weaving creativity – basketry weaving in sculptural form

Taping into your creativity, we will be exploring traditional basketry with a sculptural perspective.

This workshop is so much more than just learning techniques, it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, your stories and tap into powerful creativity that is ready to surface.  You will be learning and exploring my favourite basketry techniques including random weaving, twining, Neolithic twining and looping using copper, twine and foraged natural fibres. You will complete a series of sculptural forms culminating in your very own sculpture using the techniques we’ve explored and materials that you’ve foraged as well as class materials.  

Learning at your own pace, in this hands on, practical workshop is all about exploration and experimentation not perfection. While learning basketry techniques, you will be reconnecting with your imagination and creativity.