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Catherine O'Leary, Australia: Fabric designing and Sculptural felted garments

Catherine O’Leary is a fibre artist who uses textiles as a medium to express herself creatively. Trained in Fine Arts, feltmaking has been a passion for many years with a special focus on garments, costume and sculptures. Catherine has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas, has a published book called, ‘From Felt to Fabric’. She spends a portion of every year teaching her Art around Australia and abroad.

Fabric designing and Sculptural felted garments

This workshop explores the creation of original techniques in fabric design. Mono printing, stenciling, block printing, drawing and painting on sheer and transparent fabrics will be explored. Composition, design  and transparent layering of fabric will be discussed. This fabric will be used to create intricate and original surface designs using nuno prefelts, each student will develop a pattern that suits her body shape. The main focus of this workshop will be on surface decoration and the manipulation of garment design.