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Alysn Midgelow Marsden, New Zealand: Natural Layers


Alysn Midgelow Marsden, New Zealand: Natural Layers

I have been working as a textile artist for over 20 years and have authored four books and many articles; I offer a breadth of teaching and mentoring experience in the field of mixed media, fibre art, textiles and embroidery. I enjoy in working with many varied media, enjoying incorporating unusual materials into my textiles.

I create work which is imbued with personal references. The pieces are rarely representational, but whatever their form I am looking for an emotive response from the viewer. My aim is to be at once personal, disconcerting and fascinating.

Natural Layers

Let’s take inspiration from geological layers, geodes and agates, the variety of patterns and layers in these give us great pattern sources and a chance to get to grips with metal, metal mesh and some straightforward design techniques in 2 and 3-D. We will observe, make patterns, rip papers, stitch down, add textures then progress to metal, metal fabrics and stitch. We will combine metal fabric, needle felting, machine stitching, scrunch, pleat, paint, burn and more to create our surfaces and from these create a textured hanging or
3-dimensional vessel or sculpture. We will explore a selection of interesting hand stitches and wires for the detailing. Machine and hand stitch.