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In a ‘Nutshell’ what is Fibre Arts Australia:

It is a 5-day creative residential workshop that is a memorable, life-affirming experience. Whether you’re someone who would like a break to focus on learning from the best, the most popular and the most interesting artists and craftsmen from around the world, or you simply want to chill out with interesting and like-minded people whilst learning something inspirational and creative, you’ll find the venue and the ambiance at a Fibre Arts Australia event just fabulous!

Where is it held?

The main venue for the workshops is Ballarat Grammar in Ballarat that is about 1.5 hours west of Melbourne. It has amazing workshop facilities, dedicated professional gallery, industrial style kitchen with a great chef who provides amazing food.

After July 2018, Fibre Arts will be adding another venue into the program: The Glennie School, Toowoomba and the Westminster School, Marion, South Australia. These schools have boarding facilities, industrial kitchen with our own Chef and great workshop areas.

 Does Fibre Arts provide accommodation?

We sure do! All accommodation and meals whilst you are at a Fibre Arts Australia event…that is if you want to live-in! You can of course, choose to be a Day student and find your own accommodation. The rooms are very comfortable and you can choose single, twin share or ‘more the merrier’ options. All linen and bedding is provided, but you will need to bring your pillow to the Ballarat event! There is ample parking space on site

What are the workshop facilities like?

The facilities at the school are great... with a dedicated arts centre, where most of the workshops are held.

 What kinds of tools and equipment does Fibre Arts have?

You are sent a requirements list from the tutor, this is concise and allows you to carry a lot or a little! Sometimes the tutor does supply some requirements and that small amount is paid to the tutor.

 How many people are usually enrolled in the classes?

Normally 10 minimum and 15 max. There will be 20 other tutors teaching at the same time... but different techniques!

Are there Traders?

Specialist textile and book traders at Fibre Arts provide an opportunity to purchase or order textile supplies!

As a Student do I have a chance to sell my art work?

Yes! We call it a “Pop-Up Shop”! Tutors and students will have the opportunity to sell their own work on two nights during the event (Only handmade products are to be sold, or publications of your own work, ie. books, DVDs). The cost of a Pop-Up Shop table is $35. Contact us to book! It is a great place to show everyone just what you make!

Are there other fundraising activities?

Funny you should ask that! For years now Fibre Arts has been having ‘compact’ exhibitions! 15x15x15. A Fundraiser for The INDIAN WELL PROJECT

Purchase fabulous Artwork for a very princely sum of  “$15”!

Not an essential for you to be involved, but something to add to the pizzazz of the event at Ballarat!

You make a Piece of Art to be displayed at the Fibre Arts event all week, no larger than 15cms x 15cms.

Any medium you prefer.. mount it ready to hang and bring your masterpiece and leave them with one of the “Gold Team” when you register. You can make as many as you like…no restrictions on number only size!!

Does Fibre Arts have a charity that they support?

Why…yes we do!!! And we support it by selling ‘intimate art pieces’! Let me explain…

Fibre Arts Australia has a project in India... Bajanya, Zainabad to be exact, to provide clean drinking water and a Health Clinic for a very marginal community... to know more go here...


To raise money for this charity, Fibre Arts has “INTIMATE EXHIBITIONS”

The monies from the 15x15x15 and the 10x10x10 exhibitions all goes to the Indian Project

These very small and intimate exhibitions will be set up the same way as the very successful 15x15x15…

only these pieces will “10x10x10”

10cms x 10cms for $10.

You make a piece of work that is 10x10 (4 inches square in the old language!!)

They will be displayed near the 15x15 wall and you will be able to purchase them for a wonderful sum of $10!!

Imagine the works that you could collect for such a small cost but to help such a great charity

Who runs Fibre Arts?

Glenys Mann, Founder and Partner of Fibre Arts Australia does most of the administration

Nonie Sutcliffe, Partner of Fibre Arts Australia and part of the Gold Team looks after the students.

Belinda Gonsalves, Ginnie Dawson, Angie Truscott, Marion Manson and Zoe Ferguson make up the rest of the Gold Team that support Glenys and Nonie during the events

How do I get to the venues?

To get to Ballarat Grammar it is an easy 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne. If you are flying in, arrive at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne and catch an Airport Shuttle bus to Ballarat. These buses leave every hour.

If you are attending the Toowoomba school, it is an easy 1.5 hour drive from Brisbane. If you are flying…fly to Brisbane airport and get a shuttle to Toowoomba and we will collect you.

As fo the Marion venue... it is 20 minutes from the Adelaide airport and 15 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. A taxi will get you from the airport to the Westminster School.

 What is it like?

The week is FABULOUS!! With only adults attending it is a
 time when we are all ready for a week of learning and a week of play!!